Shopping: Where to go antique picking in Sydney


My friends and clients are always asking me where I find my individual and unique pieces so I wanted to share some of my bread and butter go to’s when it comes to sourcing antiques and vintage pieces.

When I first started designing interiors, my lack of experience led me to a narrow array of resources limited to expensive off the shelf, generic store bought items and purchasing¬†from trade suppliers in bulk minimum orders. Upon purchasing something I had in mind for a job, and thinking it to be excitedly unique, I would later find it stocked in every store and as a result ended up with a rather large collection of repeated objects d’art, parked.



I have always enjoyed trawling antiques markets and car boot sales for pleasure but had never thought this equated as a resource that would be valued professionally or impressive enough for a client if included in my work.

I kept these treasures for myself and furnished my own home with the soul of these pieces. In terms of my paid work, I was going against my instincts and following the crowd when it came to my professional interiors, thinking very much inside the box.


Once I had truly found my own style, and more importantly, my confidence, pieces were curated from car park country Sunday sales, e-bay, fine art and antiques fairs and antiques markets and mixed with textiles, lighting and furniture from the high end designer interior outfitters. A beautiful marriage evolved and an eclectic, but recognisable style occurred naturally with the heart and authenticity of my signature I apply in my work today. I find adding these objects to my interiors creates a unique environment and adds an element of historical value. I am not just talking about high end desirable collectors’ items but also accessible, endearing pieces that just feel right. Mix it up. It personalises it.


I once had a client point out what she thought to be a mistake on one of my invoices to her, as it read that an armchair had cost $5. It actually did! Once it had been restored and recovered it was one of her favourite pieces within the interior design job. I always go with my gut instincts now.

Antiquing has become popular today with eclecticism and “maximalism” all relevant.


It is one of my absolute favourite things to do! So therapeutic to get lost in the hunt. You will often find me crawling around one of Sydney’s antiques warehouses or stores.


Leave yourself enough time to really dedicate to antiquing. It’s more of a Sunday drive kind of proposition. Cash is always a good idea for bargaining too. Never pay full price. There is always room to move and cash will be your best friend in getting bargain. Most antique stores, markets, or car boot sales stack items haphazardly. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. You really need to be able to stop, be still a while and drink it all in.


I always find it beneficial to go away from a stall and come back with fresh eyes. If I am in a warehouse with loads of individual stalls, then I always walk one way and then back again in the opposite direction. It is amazing what you missed the first time!

Usually when you are not looking for anything in particular, you will find the gold!