Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA.

Winter travels to Jackson Hole


A beautiful vast plain situated in between the Teton Mountains and Snake River is what they call JACKSON HOLE. Once it gave countrymen (fur trappers) travelling in the 1800’s from East and North a sense of arriving in a hole after trekking mountainous terrain. Hence the addition of hole to the JACKSON superlative.

The area was the prefect habitat for fur animals such as beaver.

Even though the area was popular with Native American Indians for hunting and fishing, Davey Jackson, an avid beaver hunter,  was the very first white man to spend an entire Winter in JACKSON.

He convinced the government to form the Nations first National Park hence Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson Hole was named by a JACKSON resident, Margaret Simpson in 1893 in his honour.

From the 1950’s tourism became increasingly evident.

Even though Jackson Hole has been treasured by many for decades, I have only recently discovered it and have fallen head over heals in love. Wanted to share the love.



the famous Jackson town square

in summer the boy scouts collect all the antlers from the elk reserve and bring them to town to auction off 

the shopping is fabulous in town with stores focused on art, antiques, local fare, furs, leather, toys, books and more. For non-ski enthusiasts , Jackson is inviting

You can fly directly from Los Angeles to JACKSON HOLE and be sitting in front of your fire within the hour.


The airport has recently been renovated and looks like no other.

Upon departing we were served mimosas on a tray by a local cowboy and the kids were given a collection of ultra cool JACKSON HOLE stickers to take home.


posh:                       Amangani or Four Seasons

                                    (Four Seasons for ultimate location for first powder runs)

upmarket b&b:   The Bentwood Inn (more like a boutique hotel)

self catered :         The Clear Creek Group (amazing properties to let


posh:           Snake River Grill

                       The Rusty Parrot

                               the locals go:          The Blue Lion (best lamb I have ever eaten)

                          Rendevous Bistro

                    burgers:         The Handle Bar (Four Season)


The Aspens Supermarket


D2D (mtitre@d2dskis.com)


Ski (tetons or snow king)                                                               

some of the worlds best ski instructors situated in JACKSON HOLE

for more information go to: www.jacksonhole.com




                                 dog sledding (bark@jhsleddog.com)

                                 cross country skiing (nordic@jacksonhole.com)

                                 fat biking (info@tetonmtbike.com)

                                 wilderness tours (info@tetonscience.org)

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